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Check your account details, billing address, and passwords before retrying the payment. If your payment fails, you will receive a credit within 5-7 days.

As the EMI facility is at the sole discretion of the issuing bank, customers are required to pay the transaction amount to the bank. Please get in touch with your card issuer for more information.

Placing an order

Orders that have already been placed cannot be modified, as we want your order to reach you as soon as possible.

When you come to the Payment page, use your gift card details to select the gift card option (you can either part-pay or fully pay with your gift card).

Sign Up and Login

Padizone allows you to create an account by entering and verifying your mobile number. You can create an account by clicking "Create New Account" and filling out the form.

If you have not logged in with OTP for a long time, Indain Factory security policy may require you to enter your password. As per government policy, disabling your mobile number prevents anyone from accessing your account.

Log in with your mobile number and password. Your mobile number must be verified on your account for this to work. Enter your mobile number and click "Continue". The OTP page allows you to log in with a password. You should, however, use OTP for convenience and security.

You can log in to your account and change it from your Profile > Edit Profile.

Padizone locks the account if there are too many failed login attempts. It's for your account's security. To regain access to your account, reset your password or call customer care.


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