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Cookie Policy


Like many other trustworthy websites, padizone utilizes cookies, which are little files that are downloaded to your computer, to enhance your surfing experience. The information gathered by these cookies, how we use it, and when it becomes necessary to store it are all covered in our privacy policy. We'll also explain how to prevent the saving of specific cookies. However, this can make some sections of the website less helpful.  



There are several uses for cookies. Industry guidelines state that turning off cookies will negatively impact a website's functionality and performance. It's advisable to leave cookies enabled if you're not sure if they're required for your service.  



To stop cookies from being set, change the settings in your browser (see the Help section of your browser for details). Please be aware, though, that blocking cookies will make it difficult for our website to sell fashion and many other websites you visit to function properly. Usually, when you disable cookies, some functionality on our site disappears. Therefore, we advise leaving cookies enabled.  




Cookies Related to Forms : Cookies may be placed to remember your user information for correspondence in the future when you submit data via forms, such as those on contact sites or comment forms.  


Third Party Cookies : In certain circumstances, we may use cookies from reputable third parties. Among them are:  


Google Analytics: To better understand how you use our site and improve your experience, we make use of Google Analytics, a highly known analytics service. These cookies help us provide interesting content by recording metrics like how long you spend on the site and which pages you visit. Go to the official Google Analytics page for additional information.  


Third-Party Analytics : These cookies help us create interesting content and make the site better for you by tracking and measuring how you use it.  


Social Media Cookies : We use social media plugins and buttons from sites like Instagram and LinkedIn. According to each platform's privacy policy, these cookies that are set by our site improve your social network profile or add to the data that is stored by these services.  


You consent to the above-described cookie use by using padizone. Please refer to our extensive privacy policy for more details.  


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